Cannonball Half?

I am contemplating doing the Cannonball Half Marathon on October 10th. The haf marathon is my favorite race - not too long, and you usually get a medal at the end! This would be my 6th half marathon. Only hesitation is that my duties at work take up so much time, I am concerned I won't have time to train.

Yes, I could probably run 13.1 miles tomorrow if I REALLY wanted to, but I hate getting a slow time.

We will see. Can I train well enough with a full time job and two kids to get a good time? Probably not, but I can try.

My running as of late, has been truly, pathetically, slow. My best 1/2 marathon time was 1:59. My last one (the Essex Half Marathon in Vermont) was 2:10. My run yesterday averaged 10 minutes a mile. TEN MINUTES! OK, we will see what 5:45am brings me tmrw...