Thursdays are HARD....

My work schedule has changed DRASTICALLY in the last couple of years. I no longer have the option of coming home from work for a quick run in between classes. This has been quite an adjustment for me. I like to run in the daylight - and I am a total night owl (and... I often get home from rehearsals at 10:30pm and need SOME time to wind down...), so getting up early is difficult for me.

My goal this year has been to get up early (at 5:20am) to run twice a week - Tuesday's and Thursday's. So far, my Tuesday runs have been OK - I am slow, but it's SO early and VERY dark, so I am OK with that. 

But I struggle with Thursday's. I didn't do it today, last week, or the week before. Sigh. I feel like I can make more excuses on Thursday's. "It's been a long week", "I can run tomorrow to make it up", or "whatever, I'm TIRED!" are some of the thoughts I have when the alarm goes off on Thursday mornings.

But then later on in the day, I regret my early morning, bleary eyed decision. I almost ALWAYS regret it.

Perhaps writing this down for all (of my 2 readers) to see will encourage me to get out of bed. I certainly hope so! Perhaps this will help me get out of bed for a run tomorrow morning....

(and just FYI, I DO take precautions when I run in the dark. I have a light on my running belt as well as lights on my shoes!)