Thursdays are HARD....

My work schedule has changed DRASTICALLY in the last couple of years. I no longer have the option of coming home from work for a quick run in between classes. This has been quite an adjustment for me. I like to run in the daylight - and I am a total night owl (and... I often get home from rehearsals at 10:30pm and need SOME time to wind down...), so getting up early is difficult for me.

My goal this year has been to get up early (at 5:20am) to run twice a week - Tuesday's and Thursday's. So far, my Tuesday runs have been OK - I am slow, but it's SO early and VERY dark, so I am OK with that. 

But I struggle with Thursday's. I didn't do it today, last week, or the week before. Sigh. I feel like I can make more excuses on Thursday's. "It's been a long week", "I can run tomorrow to make it up", or "whatever, I'm TIRED!" are some of the thoughts I have when the alarm goes off on Thursday mornings.

But then later on in the day, I regret my early morning, bleary eyed decision. I almost ALWAYS regret it.

Perhaps writing this down for all (of my 2 readers) to see will encourage me to get out of bed. I certainly hope so! Perhaps this will help me get out of bed for a run tomorrow morning....

(and just FYI, I DO take precautions when I run in the dark. I have a light on my running belt as well as lights on my shoes!)

Disappointed, but not discouraged...

Well, the Cannonball Half Marathon is not going to happen for me this weekend. Between kids, rehearsals, and school responsibilities I just didn't have the time to train. That's not to say I haven't been running....I just haven't had enough time to increase my miles in a safe way.

I've been dealing with tendonitis in my left foot for a while now so increasing mileage slowly is really important. I have also (GASP) been wearing only flats instead of the heels I normally live in. I don't want to risk not being able to run at all by increasing too fast (or my wearing all of my super cute heels!).

So, I will register for the next one.

I am disappointed, but not discouraged. At least I got out of bed and ran this morning before school!

Cannonball Half?

I am contemplating doing the Cannonball Half Marathon on October 10th. The haf marathon is my favorite race - not too long, and you usually get a medal at the end! This would be my 6th half marathon. Only hesitation is that my duties at work take up so much time, I am concerned I won't have time to train.

Yes, I could probably run 13.1 miles tomorrow if I REALLY wanted to, but I hate getting a slow time.

We will see. Can I train well enough with a full time job and two kids to get a good time? Probably not, but I can try.

My running as of late, has been truly, pathetically, slow. My best 1/2 marathon time was 1:59. My last one (the Essex Half Marathon in Vermont) was 2:10. My run yesterday averaged 10 minutes a mile. TEN MINUTES! OK, we will see what 5:45am brings me tmrw...