Yogurt as a Meal

In my constant quest for "all in one" meals for Alena, I came up with this concoction. Alena used to have this for breakfast quite often, or even for dinner if we were desperate. We usually added 10g of Macadamia nuts and 10g of frozen raspberries, which brought the total calories up to 404 and the ratio to 2.87:1. I used this recipe quite a bit when we were in France for a week!

YOGURT (2.79:1 Ratio, 316 Calories, 4g carbs)

37g 40% Heavy Whipping Cream (we use Horizon Organic)
70g Fage Total Greek Yogurt (TOTAL - NOT 2%)
12g Grapeseed Oil
15g Sugar Free Torani Syrup (any flavor)

Add oil to yogurt and stir well until mixed. While stirring, add heavy cream and then syrup.  Serve.