Golden Chocolate Egg

I got pretty ambitious for Easter last year and decided to make Alena a Golden Chocolate Egg. It was a HUGE success. She was so excited to peel the egg and find chocolate inside.

Here's how I did it.

I blew an egg of it's shell and rinsed the shell out. (Yes, this took a while - and I broke a few of them in the process...) Then I made the peanut butter and chocolate mixtures from my Peanut Butter Cup recipe. Since there were already two small holes in the egg shell from blowing it out, I made one of these holes slightly larger.

I poured (well, dripped really) the chocolate mixture into the egg shell and swirled it around. Then I put it into the freezer and waited a while until I thought the chocolate was frozen. Then I dripped some of the peanut butter mixture in and swirled it around to coat the chocolate layer. Back into the freezer. I worked in layers like this until I thought there were enough layers for it to hold together when peeled. (Probably about 5 times for each the chocolate and peanut butter).

Then I decorated the egg with some leftover gold metallic egg paint that we had used to decorate our eggs with. My vision was to have the entire egg covered in gold paint. Because the egg was frozen, however, I wasn't able to get a completely golden egg. But it still looked awesome, and she loved it!