Here is a recipe that I created the for crepes. I love "all in one" meals for Alena because they are easy to make in batches and take out of the freezer to serve. Alena used to have two of these for breakfast every morning with a side of macadamia nuts. We would make them in giant batches and freeze them to save time on hectic school days. This recipe makes two crepes that you can fill with whatever you want (we usually used Walden Farms Syrups/Jellies, or whipped cream and about 5g of fresh fruit).

CREPES (3.55:1 Ratio, 313 Calories for two crepes without filling)

45g 40% Heavy Whipping Cream (we use Horizon Organic Heavy Cream)
50g Egg, mixed well
8g Grapeseed Oil
Liquid Sweetener (sucralose or stevia) - Optional
Butter (for pan)

Whisk cream, eggs, oil, in a bowl. Put a small amount of of butter in a small frying pan. Heat the pan on medium, spreading the butter around. It is important to have your pan pretty hot BEFORE putting in the crepe batter.

Once the pan is hot, add approximately half of the crepe batter to the pan. Swirl it around until evenly distrubuted. Cook on medium heat until the edges start to brown very slightly. Here's the hard part...

Flip the crepe over. This can take quite a bit of practice - these things are very fragile. I usually "check" the bottom side of the crepe before attempting to flip it by lifting it up a little with a spatula. It should have a few golden brown spots on it before flipping.

Once you successfully flip the crepe, cook until golden brown spots appear on the other side.

Flip the crepe onto a plate and let cool. Fill with whatever you want, and what your diet ratio allows!

As I said before, we used to make this recipe in batches. I would make between 20-30 crepes at a time. The crepes would often be pretty different in weight, so I would weigh them and group them into pairs so that each breakfast would be about the same.