I have always dreaded writing bios. They seem like a shallow arms race of self importance (OK - I totally stole that from my husbands website...) But here goes. I am a violinist, a mother, a teacher, a runner, and a traveler.

At the tender young age of three, I convinced my parents to enroll me in violin lessons. I've been playing ever since. I have a strong performing and teaching career and am very happy with it. There is a lot more to this, but it doesn't belong here.

I have two AMAZING kids. Ages 5 and 9. One of them has intractable epilepsy. It's hard, but at the same time it makes us stronger and more understanding people.

I am a Suzuki teacher and I am very passionate about the Suzuki Philosophy and Method. For me, it's more about creating good people and less creating musicians (although that is an added bonus).

I am also a runner. I started running when I turned 35. I love it. I have run 5 half marathons so far....I like the medals! I started running to lose weight after having two kids (lost 40 lbs), but it is now my "me time", my "alone time", my "meditation". I am an addict...

I love to travel, although this is difficult these days with a full time job and two children.... I hope do this more as my kids grow up!